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Summer of monsters #5: You recognised Cybertooth

This summer, challenge yourself with our game 'Summer of Monsters', on our King of Tokyo facebook page. On each Saturday, we will publish a close-up of a monster from KOT-verse, and you will have to identify the monster, and from which King of - King of Tokyo, King of New York, King of Tokyo - Dark Edition, Power Up, Monster Packs, Monstres's taken!

Wait, what? You didn't know there was a King of Tokyo Facebook page? Well there you go: here it is!

This saturday, we published our FIFTH close-up, and of course, you recognized Cybertooth, from the 4th Monster Pack of King of Tokyo. 

Who is Cybertooth?

Lives in: a Secret Lab
Favourite dish: He will devour everything that stands between him and his goal.
Particularity: There is more to Cybertooth than his robotic appearance: when he gets mad, he gets berserk, and turns into a giant metallic Smilodon, capable of deafeating even the best of them all.
Appears in: Monster Pack - 04



 “Enough is enough! These monsters have been having their fun for too long. Their reign is over. It is time that we, humans, take back our city! Call the army, we will need a weapon, a strong one that will surpass and surprise them all.”

What is more powerful to fight a giant monster, than a giant robot monster? A giant robot monster that goes berserk and turns into a giant robot animal. Cybertooth was born.

Created to be hopping mad at the monsters attacking Tokyo and New York. His only purpose: destroying them with his broad metal paws, and his giant tooth. His trigger: the smash.


From Biped form to BERSERK BEAST FORM:

Cybertooth is coming in a fourth Monster Pack that will revolutionise your games and change them forever!

Not only can he shift shape and get even more furious and dangerous, but he also introduces a new game component: the Berserk die!

From now on, as soon as you roll 4 smash dice or more, Cybertooth goes raging mad and rolls an extra die: the Berserk die.

When a monster goes Berserk, he hurts even more, but can also hurt himself…and of course, he cannot be healed! It would be too easy!


Will you dare activate this FURIOUSLY FUN mode?

Power cards for King of Tokyo and King of New York

Obviously, Cybertooth also has his own sets of evolution cards: one to wreak havoc in New York City, and one to mess things up in Tokyo!


These evolution cards will grant permanent or temporary powers to your monsters. Battles will never be the same.



• 1 Cybertooth Monster board
• 2 cardboard figures + stands
• 1 Berserk die
• 6 Berserk tokens
• 1 Transformation card
• 8 Evolution cards for King of Tokyo
• 8 Evolution cards for King of New York
• 1 rule sheet 

This Monster Pack is compatible with King of Tokyo (and King of Tokyo - Dark Edition), and King of New York

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Publié le 15 September 2020

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