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The Mysterious Forest wins a European design contest

In the beginning of March, the Mysterious Forest won third place in the European Product Design Award contest which rewards the work of talented European designers for their innovative products.

IELLO always aims to produce beautiful and high-quality products that add to the gaming experience as many as the mechanics. Just by opening the box of the Mysterious Forest, a game inspired by Wormworld Saga, the player is plunged into a universe of adventure and discovery thanks to the amazing illustrations and figurine by Daniel Lieske.

The prize will officially be given during a ceremony at the European Parliament in Bruxelles next April. 

Find the unboxing video here:

Mysterious Forest

Publié le 20 March 2017

Talking with Rob Daviau about Mountains of Madness!

With the release of Rob Daviau's Mountains of Madness at Essen SPIEL'17, we sat down with this creative and prolific author to discuss his new game!

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Essen SPIEL'17 is approaching! Place your pre-orders now!

Like every year, we are happy to take part in Essen SPIEL, and we are expecting quite a spectacular edition again!

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New releases at Gencon!

IELLO is proud to be releasing Richard Garfield’s latest creation, Bunny Kingdom, at Gencon this year!

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