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For Sale is back, in our Mini Games collection!

Real estate agents are sharks! Let’s show them who’s the best!

Re-discover one of the greatest bidding games! For Sale is an accessible and yet stragegic game, a major piece that rightfully belongs to the mini games collection: GREAT games in small boxes (Schotten Totten, Time Bomb…).

In 'For Sale', you are real estate agents. Your goal: buy houses for the least amount of money, then sell them and make huge profits! It’ll be up to you to guess the value of the properties to get the biggest cheques!

The game can be divided in two separate phases:

Let’s buy!

During the buying/bidding phase, as many houses as there are players are placed on the table. You have to overbid one after the other for the houses that are for sale in front of you. Each time a player passes, they get the smallest card of the lot and get half of their money back. The last player gets the biggest card, sure… but also loses all their money!

Once this is over, new houses are revealed until the deck is empty.

For Sale

Now let’s sell!

You then have to sell the houses you obtained in order to earn a large added value.

This time, cheques are revealed (as many as the number of players) in the middle of the table.

Each player has to secretly select a house to sell from their hand and everyone reveal their card at the same time. The player with the biggest value on the card they chose takes the biggest cheque, and so on.

When all of the houses have been sold and all of the cheques have been collected, the richest player wins the game.


for sale


For Sale: a reference

At first released in 1997, the game, by Stefan Dorra, is now considered to be a classic among the bidding games. You will find open and close bids and trickery. For Sale created the perfect combination of easy-to-understand game, fun and strategy. The concept is simple, clever and exhilarating. In short, what makes all the mini games so great.


  • A game by Stefan Dorra
  • Illustrated by Catell-Ruz and Emilien Rotival
  • Released on 10 July 2020
  • Want to know more?


Caution: For Sale is distributed by IELLO in France and French-speaking countries, Baltic States, the Czech Republic, Greece, Israel, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and Germany. 


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