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This Summer, Discover and Rediscover our MINI GAMES!

The Mini Games Collection: Discover must-have games

Since 2014, Mini Games have started turning up in your game collections and giving rhythm to every game you play! Time Bomb Evolution, Ninja Academy, Schotten Totten, Welcome to the Dungeon… Each little box contains an original game, a whole lot of fun, some strategy and tons of mischief. This summer, take with you your big games in small boxes (ideal for campers).


Collect them all!

No need to hem and haw between Ninja Academy’s explosivity, Nessos’ satisfying deceit or For Sale’s delicate subtlety: you can take all three and guarantee yourself hours and hours of fun gameplay at mini prices.

minigames 2

Some are must-haves, others are gems yet to discover…

Complete your Mini Games collection with all of the must-haves of the series. Prevent Big Ben from blowing up with Sherlock Holmes in Time Bomb Evolution, throw yourself in neighbourhood squabbles that are as childish as they are cathartic in Schotten Totten, or dare to go on Welcome to the Dungeon’s adventure: all of which will take hours of fun. And then come back to it in Welcome Back to the Dungeon because it’s never really over.

It’s also the perfect time to discover some of our less well-known games that are just as well-done! Each game will provide incredibly fun moments where you will go from uncontrollable laughter to high-pressure moments.


And for your little ones, add the two mini games from the LOKI Collection and find yourself protecting your farm animals from the big bad wolf in Farmini and piling mountains of gold coins with your friends in Little Battle.


Guaranteed fun with friends and family!

The IELLO Mini Games will guarantee you games full of happiness regardless of your adversaries! Become the biggest eater of the family with Tem-Purr-A, lose to your children in a memorable game of Ninja Academy, and organise a strategy night between adults that will take you to the top of the mountain in High Risk… There are infinite possibilities for a fun summer with games for beginners and experts at very small prices!

Go to your local game store raid the Mini Games Collection, all big games in a small box.

Each week, discover or re-discover one of our Mini Games in our Mini Gamer Diary!


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