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Who are we?

Created in 2004 in Nancy by Cédric Barbé and Patrice Boulet, today IELLO is a globally recognized board game publisher and distributor. The business has grown from mail order collectible cards to acting as a wholesaler distributor.

In 2008, it diversified again by beginning to co-publish, a work that includes translating and adapting games to the French culture. This new activity naturally evolved in 2009 into its current state: publishing their own games.

In May 2012, IELLO confirmed its international scope by opening a branch in the United States in Las Vegas under Stephan Brissaud's leadership. This presence in the North American continent gave IELLO games an international visibility and open the doors of distributing to several other markets: thanks to systematically translating titles into English, promoting and localizing games developed very quickly in Europe, Asia, and South America.

After 5 years, IELLO games are available in more than 20 languages and are distributed across the entire world thanks to a network of partners that translate and adapt games to the local markets.

Today, IELLO is developing a brand strategy with its foreign partners with the goal of creating a true “IELLO identity”: selling its best-sellers, but also progressively and lastingly establishing its entire catalog to ensure an increase in its revenue.

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